Veronica began practicing recreational yoga in 2003 while living in Chicago. She moved back to Ohio in 2014 to take care of her father who was diagnosed with stage four cancer. After his passing, she was searching for peace as a large void was left in her life.

In 2017 she started taking yoga classes in Powell, Ohio at Go Yoga. Life was never the same! She discovered how much of a positive impact her practice had on her life, both mentally and physically, as it helped her get through many difficult times. She realized she wanted to share her passion and practice with others and she eagerly continued her journey by completing Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) 100 instructional hour with GoYoga. In addition, Veronica will be obtaining her 200 YTT instructional hours, November 2018 in Tulum, Mexico.

Veronica seeks to share her passion, knowledge, and practice with her students through her teaching of self-awareness. Her desire is to provide students with a space of comfort and a class that leaves them feeling empowered, peaceful, connected, confident in their own power and grace. Ultimately, allowing them to live their truth without judgement, and realizing they are enough!



"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” 

~ Lao Tzu


Sometimes in life, when we are faced with an enormous challenge, the hardest part is taking that very first step. A few months ago, Journey Yoga (JY) chose to take that step—to begin a new journey as a yoga instructor. Following my dream and passion and continuing to grow this beautiful practice of yoga, Journey Yoga was born. At times the task seemed too overwhelming, but each new step-built momentum, and little by little, things started falling into place. As in any new business there are things that need to be done. Some of these changes you’ll see immediately, others will occur over time. Creativity cannot be rushed. 

When I first began thinking about JY, it was traumatic time in my life from losing my father whom was my best friend to cancer, to moving back to Ohio from Chicago and dealing with a very devastating divorce. With all that I was trying to create a new normal for my life which was difficult.  This path has created a new woman that has been restored and has rebuilt her life with love, joy and peace. In saying this we all have a journey to travel and while we travel we must stay steadfast and unmovable and know it’s a journey not a destination. Pain will pass and the sun will rise in the morning and in everything there is a season and each season brings on new opportunities.  I’ve learned where there is growth, there is always change, and yoga is about being open to the possibility for change.


I believe that yoga is never about holding on, it is always about letting go. Just like the trees let go of their leaves, we must also let go and be open—open to the transformation that brings new life, new experiences, and new opportunities. With JY I have been given a second chance—the chance of a lifetime. The yoga practice itself is challenging, and it helps you deal with life’s daily challenges. You open up, bringing more gratitude and appreciation into your life.

Yoga means “union” or “joining together”. It is not only the communion of mind, body and spirit, but the joining together of people. JY wouldn’t have been born without each of you—each of you make it possible for me to do the job that I love. We will build this yoga community together and will continue to grow it together. JY isn’t mine, it is ours—we are ALL connected, we are ONE.

I wish you peace, love and happiness…

With gratitude,